A Complete Guide to Machine Knitting

A Complete Guide to Machine Knitting. From the Thread to the Finished Garment.

Lucia Tarantino, 2021



Target audience

Intermediate and advanced machine knitter.


Knitting machines

Coppo, Dubied, Passap, Silver Reed, Brother. Single and double bed.

This book is a great source of knowledge with all kinds of techniques for various knitting machines. It does cover the basics, but I think it's a bit intimidating as a first book to start machine knitting. There is no real buildup in skills and chapters. It also handles the Coppo, Dubied and Passap machines, which is quite unique.

It has a lot of samples for structured, textured and ruffled effects. Thorough guides for calculations, different takes on shaping methods and necklines. There are also some basic and more creative patterns included.

The illustrations and photos are very clear. The language is quite theoretical. The English translation can be a bit off putting, it uses other terminology than I’m used to. In context and if you’re more familiar with machine knitting it is more of an annoyance than a big drawback.


For the more intermediate it’s a nice read. I learned quite some new things and loved the well illustrated different takes on necklines and shaping methods. It has some great knowledge in it. It’s something you pick up once in a while and try something new, or check how something is done or could be done differently. The English translation can be a bit annoying at times.


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