Designing knitted textiles


Designing knitted textiles. Machine knitting for fashion.

Florence Spurling, 2021



Target audience

Beginners, students, hobbyists, designers.

This book teaches the essential skills for single bed machine knitting, and the design process for fashion.


Knitting machines

Single bed domestic, manual and punch card (brother and silver reed alike)

This book teaches the essential skills to start experimenting with single bed machine knitting and knitwear design. It has a good buildup in chapters and skills that are easy to follow.  It handles different kinds of source materials, techniques for patterning, texture, structure and decoration, construction and finishing. Giving a lot of helpful tips along the way.

Chapter 2: The Design Process. With work from Penny Charlotte Gibb (left) and Megan Stone (right).

The instructions are well illustrated and easy to follow. There are six online videos available as well to accompany some of the techniques. It has inspiring real world examples from designers.

Chapter 3: Double e-wrap cast-on.
Chapter 4: Colour and Pattern. Scenic landscape intarsia knit by Gareth Wrighton.
Part 2 Materiality: Drew McKevitts's mixed technique.
Chapter 6: Creating a broomstick lace effect.


This would be top of my list to recommend if you want to start machine knitting. It’s current, inspiring, well written and designed.


The book is widely available. Check your local or global book supplier for availability.


Florence Spurling (Instagram)

Publisher: Laurence King


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